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Itazura na Kiss~Love in TOKYO
This is an unofficial blog dedicated to イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO, a 2013 Japanese adaptation of the popular manga series Itazura na Kiss by Tada Kaoru. The story revolves around our cute, lovable Aihara Kotoko, who confesses her love for the genius Irie Naoki who rejects her. She gives him a love letter at school which the cold-hearted lad refuses to accept. The day Kotoko offers her letter is the day she and her father moves in to a new home, but with an unexpected turn of fate, a shooting star hits their home and the house collapses. The incident is featured in the news and immediately a childhood friend of her father contacts them and invites them over to stay at their house. Mr. Aihara gladly accepts the offer. Little did Kotoko know that she is actually going to be living under the same roof with the boy who holds her heart.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my fanreviews. The pictures I use and reblog on this site are not mine, and all credits go to their respective owners.

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